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4 Effective Ways to Search Ocean City, MD Homes for Sale

Michael Nolen
by Michael Nolen on June 9, 2016 at 11:46 PM

Let’s look at a hypothetical: You’re thinking of buying a condo, townhome or single family home near the beach. You’ve traveled to Ocean City for a while now and have a good feel for the area. You have your favorite restaurants, nightlife activities, and the perfect spot on the beach.

Now, you think buying a condo or home is your next step. You start your home search. You’ve spent time researching homes for sale – But you’re lost, dazed, and confused about your options and how to find the best deal.

In this post, I’ve done some homework and put together a list of the best and most effective ways to search for homes for sale in Ocean City, MD.

 4 Most Effective Ways to Find Homes for Sale in Ocean City, MD

#1 Hire an Ocean City, MD Real Estate Agent

I’ve been in the housing and finance industry for a little over a decade now. I’ve found the best and most effective way to find homes for sale is through a Realtor®.

They have access to data, homes, and local experience that many big corporate websites can’t offer. Let’s be honest, we may have a good feel for the area, but we may lack the expertise and local trends.

Accurate List of Ocean City Homes for Sale

When you work directly with a local Ocean City real estate agent, you’ll get a complete list of homes that’s specific to your criteria. A website doesn’t know what you want accept the search details you input or the best places to live with that beach access you want.

They have direct access to a MLS system that consumers can’t get. Not only that, it’s updated instantly.

Negotiate with Local Ocean City Experience

Searching for the right home is just the first step. When you hire an agent, they talk with you about your goals, wants and needs, and do their own research to better find the right home for sale for you.

You also need to know how to negotiate a purchase price. Properties in this coastal real estate market differ in so many ways from the age, building, location, and condition, just to name a few.

Here's a helpful blog about buying in Ocean City, MD: Important Facts About Buying Ocean City, MD Real Estate

When you hire a local agent you’ll get help and support from someone that knows the particulars about the market. You can’t get that from a website.


#2 Locally Driven CoastalMDHomes.com

I’m naming CoastalMDHomes.com as my #2. They bring searching homes to a local level – and should definitely be added to your search list.

Their website is owned by the Coastal Association of Realtors® (CAR) and CAR controls the local MLS system for the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland called FLEX MLS.

Their website CoastalMDHomes.com gives consumers the ability to search their MLS system with more accurate data. When working with a local agent with access to CAR's MLS they'll have access to more details and specifics related to Homes for Sale in Ocean City, MD.

CAR is Local and with Local Resources

CAR gives support to over 1,000 Realtors® who serve Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. CAR is the industry advocate for the local real estate industry, real estate professionals and private property rights. Their local experience combined with the agents they support makes a great asset for buyers and sellers.

Their website is more locally targeted, which gives visitors looking for more information the resources they need. Big corporate websites just don’t have that local touch.

You can search for agents that are members of CAR as well as affiliated members such as mortgage loan officers, title companies, and other professionals.

Again, the best part, it's local!


#3 Realtor.com

Among corporate websites, Realtor.com is one of my favorites. I like it because it’s easy to use, and you can easily navigate homes. The search box is simple and without flash. Often, websites have too many details to select and can be a waste.

When you search a city, the search results gives you a list all of homes that fit your search criteria. Kind of a given. The results page is organized well.

They have access to MLS systems through a data license nationwide, but it lacks local resources other than agents that advertise here.


#4 Zillow.com and Truila.com

The same company owns Zillow and Truila. The difference is the look and flow of their websites. I think their search results are organized, but a lot of their search results are not always accurate.

For example, I was working with a local agent searching properties for sale. I saw a home I liked and the MLS listing the agent shared said the listing was “Active”. Looking around on my free time, I searched Zillow and Truila. They showed the same listing as “Pending”. Nervous, I called the agent. He looked in the MLS and it was “Active”.


Home Values on Zillow.com

When it comes to home values, the Zillow Zesitmate® creates more debate among agents and their buyers and sellers. It's a difficult thing to place a value on a home with data.


Zillow VS Realtors®

Zillow uses an Automated Valuation Model, AVM for short. This is different compared to a home value provided by a local agent that uses comparable properties and more specific details related to those properties. AVM's use data to create a value such as comparing tax assessments, recent home sales, and active listings. 

AVM's lack in personal knowledge of property conditions, specific locations, and local market trends, Realtors bring buyers and sellers closer to accurate home values.

I believe the Zestimate is helpful, but we can’t rely on it to list a home for sale or buy a home at the Zestimate price. Homes values is one major reason, you need a local agent.



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